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Rose Ranch

An adventure in Jones, Oklahoma

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Rose Ranch Grass-Fed Beef


Welcome to Rose Ranch, where cattle graze on the tallest grass and the happiest hens in Jones, Oklahoma live cage-free! Rose Ranch is 48 acres dedicated to raising cattle the way nature intended - eating fresh, healthy grass straight from the pasture. When cattle eat nutritious food (no grain, no animal by-products), they have no need for the antibiotics or hormones that feedlot cattle consume every day.




We sell beef directly to the consumer. If you are interested in buying beef that has been fed no hormones or antibiotics, raised naturally on pasture, and processed locally in a Oklahoma Department of Agriculture-approved facility, please contact: vicrose (at) roseranchjones (dot) com to schedule a processing date for your healthy beef.


Site Visits

If you would like to visit the ranch to see our happy cattle, please call us: 405.399.2820. We welcome the opportunity to show you our sustainable and healthy cattle-raising practices.